About Us.

Jay Wood, Canadian Armed Forces for 24yrs, and has deployed to Afghanistan multiple times. Now building a path beyond the military and focused on how to serve the community after retirement.

Fueled by a passion for clean, bold design, Jay has been developing his design skill using multiple media, Web, offset, digital and now T-shirt printing.


Latest Articles

  • Graphic Design Blogs

    There was a time, graphic design blogs were all about eye candy. Nothing is wrong with that, but in recent years design has taken many new avenues, we now see more and more blogs that delve a little deeper and are built using influencers as a commonplace. Nowadays, if you want to see the latest
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  • What are we looking for in a t-shirt?

    Comfort, A relaxed state of mind, our interests or are we just trying to share something cool to put a smile on someone’s face. It doesn’t really matter, right? Wrong! We absolutely want to evoke a mood, a feeling, or how it makes us feel. We represent what we wear, so if you’re in a
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