Jay Wood, Canadian Armed Forces for 24yrs, and has deployed to Afghanistan multiple times. Now building a path beyond the military and focused on how to serve the community after retirement.

Fueled by a passion for clean, bold design, Jay has been developing his design skill using multiple media, Web, offset, digital and now T-shirt printing.

It wasn’t a surprise to anyone around Jay that this would be his calling, he was skilled and had a sharp eye for design and understood the psychology of the build throughout the process.

Art, entrepreneurial spirit, and discipline was embedded within the fabric of Jays Character, his

great grandfather Harry Steggles, was a professional artist by trade who introduced Jay to the design world, shared concept, and structure of design which showed itself in his early drawing, photography, and graphics.

Also Jays mother, Heather Nash, a culinary Artist, entrepreneur has definitely impacted Jays desire and discipline to create a business that is built on visual representation of ideas and concepts.

T-Shirt Pirate has now become another one of Jay’s successful endeavors. We invite you to view our designs and if any inspire you, but you would like to add your own twist we can customize.