There was a time, graphic design blogs were all about eye candy. Nothing is wrong with that, but in recent years design has taken many new avenues, we now see more and more blogs that delve a little deeper and are built using influencers as a commonplace.

Nowadays, if you want to see the latest design work, find out who created it, what the challenges were, and how they overcame them, look beyond the influencer, find out if the design was over or undervalued and how it was perceived. Consequently, if you just want a quick blast of eye candy to inspire you visually, you can simply just go to Google for images of the design. Doesn’t mean their good (some are) but it just means that someone understood the art of SEO and positioning. Indeed, there are so many graphic design heroes out there right now and it’s difficult to know which ones to pay the most attention to. So you be the decider in your own world, look for the Artist in the designer and work with that potential, work with that spirit and make sure it comes from the right place. Design lives in the heart of the artist and the eyes of the receiver.

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